Remembering Your Loved Ones

We celebrate the unique gift of the life of the following men, women and children and pray for the repose and peace of their souls. 

In Memory Of...

Dr. John W. Metcalf

    by Diane Kotur, Art & John DeLeonardis  

Wanda M. Zeszutek

     by Stanley Zeszutek, Sr.

Thomas Hagg

     by Kathy Maher

Thomas Hagg

     by Dr. & Kathryn Mascio

Debra White

     by Merica Petrella

Debra White

     by Clarence & Melinda 

      Cronin in loving memory of their niece

Debra White

     by E. Tegwen Parsons

Jeannie Splenda

     by Albert and Patricia Boehm

Mary Ferguson

     by Virginia Hickey​​​​

Mrs. Mary Ferguson 

     by Joseph and Virginia Zoric

Mrs. Mary Ferguson 

     by Michael and Kimberly

Mrs. Mary Ferguson 

     by Bill and Theresa Danaher

Mrs. Mary Ferguson

      by Elaine Gregor

Mrs. Mary Ferguson

      by Image One Employees

Mrs. Mary Ferguson

      by Donna Hrezo

Lee Alex

      by Don & Vicki Coen

Lee Alex

      by Cindy & Robert Sagrilla

Lee Alex

      by Francene & John Kavanaugh

Lee Alex

      by Kimberly Neidengard

Lee Alex

      by Jim and Eleanor McBane

In Honor Of...

Sara Gundling

      by Milton and Diane Cadenhead

Christi Aborn

       by Fr. Jonathan St. Andre'

Mary F. Ferguson

       by Mary Kay Lacke

Melissa Hitchcock

       by Kent and Nora Valin

Mary F. Ferguson

       by Patricia Arruda

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