Our mission is to be the first place a woman, seeking an abortion, turns when faced with an unexpected pregnancy transforming her fear into confidence to make a life-affirming choice.

Aim Women’s Center is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides medical services, material assistance, education and support to those who find themselves in a pregnancy related crisis. Aim is funded by private contributions and individual donations. At Aim Women’s Center, all our services are free with no eligibility requirements, confidential and non-judgmental.

One of our goals is to erase the need for abortion through effectively serving pregnant women at risk, transforming their fear into confidence. We want to reach women at the right time and serve them in the best possible way. We offer accurate and relevant services to help women at risk of abortion.

Aim offers a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit to every woman we serve. We offer truth for the mind by teaching accurate information about adoption, single parenting and abortion as a woman contemplates what decision to make about her pregnancy.


Through sonography and STD testing and treatment, we use our medical services to help a young mother understand both their own body and her unborn child’s body as she wrestles with her decision.


Beyond this we truly believe it is important to touch each woman’s spirit by introducing the importance of Christ in her life through spiritual discussion and by striving to be an example of the gracious love of Christ. 

Trust the power of truth told in love!